Where am I? Where do I want to go? Is my organization in a position capable of reaching established goals? What would need to change? These are some of the strategic questions that we examine alongside partners in order to determine their growth trajectory.

What do we do?

Establecemos un Plan de Adopción por áreas, líneas de negocio o producto/servicio. Elaboramos un timeline de ejecución y adopción.

Abordar los cambios y seguir con la ejecución del negocio actual es primordial. Y ello implica tener un Plan de Adopción con procesos definidos.

Establecemos un sistema de vasos comunicantes entre presente y futuro. Definimos métodos, procesos y herramientas que se adaptan a las personas y a las necesidades: revisión de las áreas de marketing, ventas, proyectos/producción y finanzas, entre otras.

El objetivo: ser más competitivos y atrayentes para clientes y trabajadores y también para socios y aliados estratégicos. Y conseguir que los procesos y la tecnología esté al servicio de las personas hace que las empresas sean más competitivas.

Training in Excellence



Once the strengths and weaknesses of each partner have been detected, we work with them in depth, via specific seminars, in order for them to understand which are the best practices to follow and how they should incorporate these into their own corporate culture.

In this phase we define the individually tailored transformation plans for the improvement of each partner's organization and processes.

Sometimes, after years of working with partners, their results can come to a standstill and this can be due to a number of different reasons: personnel changes, complicated internal organizations, insufficient investment for growth...

Once arrived at this point, afirma helps you to identify the causes and carry out the necessary adjustments in order to continue moving forward at a good pace.

The Existing Channel Performance Optimization program helps you to asses the potential of your existing channel and to create individual growth plans for each of your partners. The program analyzes the degree of maturity of each partner according to their status and provides them with personalized support in order to help them achieve sustainable growth and maximum profitability.

We carry out an exhaustive follow-up of each partner and provide them with external support in order to ensure that the transformation processes are being carried out efficiently and according to the established plan.

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Existing Channel Performance Optimization Program

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