The Cloud and Marketing Automation Tools

10/05/2012 - By making the processes automatic, we are able to identify the opportunities and generate activities; as a result we transform the potentials into opportunities more quickly.

When we ask to ourselves what differences there are be between industrial a handmade process, certain images spring to mind:

Handmade process: manufacturing in very short series, with little initial investment but with dedication from the craftsman for each manufactured part with a high unit price.

Mass-production: manufacturing in very long series, with a significant initial investment in tools and process definition but with little human dedication to each manufactured part with a consequentially low unit price.

Clearly, in-between to these two extremes there are multiple levels. When the differences approach one side, the similarities intensify so in parallel the differences from the opposite extreme increase.

Technology project sales are in line with this view. In particular, Cloud Services Sales are related to mass-production in one key aspect: orientation to the production/achievement of high volumes is essential to achieve a low unit price.

If, however, we analyze the part of the process corresponding to marketing products and Cloud services, without forgetting its positioning in price, we find it in the lower part. We realize a large volume of sales is needed so more opportunities have to be managed. As a result it requires more dedication and time assigned to each opportunity to maintain acceptable business costs for the company.

Starting with the premise that the business process is divided into two major activities: demand generation and sales, which, respectively, are usually associated with the Marketing Department and the Sales Department, work has to be done corresponding to each department in different ways but in parallel to guarantee the industrialization of the business process:

  • Sales: reducing the cost. Based on two aspects: decreasing the time the sales person spends on the marketing relationship with the client. Secondly, reducing the price of the salesperson’s profile by incorporating not such highly qualified profiles into the process, such as those in known in Telesales. This implies investment in the definition of the Telesales processes and in the arguments as well as in the management and coordination infrastructure.
  • Marketing: Incorporating marketing models based on managing high volumes of potential clients such as those generated on social networking websites, mass emailing campaigns, positioning on the search engines to increase web traffic, website aimed at content and Telemarketing reinforcements.

This work scenario means managing extensive quantities of data and can only be done with tools called Automated Marketing tools which allow us to collate all the information gathered, to automate the processes, identifying opportunities and generating activities to turn potentials into opportunities quickly.

Clearly, the automation tools are essential if we are to achieve the industrialization process, the commercial process of products and Cloud Services. If your offer is based on, or could base on Cloud, redesigning the models to work with this new commercial process will be necessary, incorporating automation tools.

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