Cloud and Digital Marketing

It is highly recommended, indeed we could say almost essential, if we are to have chances of success, that before using the tools or means, that we plan the use of digital marketing together comprehensively.

When companies or individuals decide to search for solutions working under the paradigm of the Cloud, they do research and search for information on the social networks, so they learn about what they have looked for.

The main place to research is on provider websites. The research begins with a search engine or by trusted loyalty prescribers such as professional associations, analysts and consultants. Very often it begins directly when a provider sends us information considered important, usually by email.

These habits of searching for information and learning make us reinvent means and channels of communication with our customers and possible customers.

Another key aspect to consider is to understand how the purchasers behave in their research and to know exactly when he loses his anonymity. This act is the signal that will allow us to contact him; it is vital to take advantage of it because if we do not react quickly, he could reject the purchasing process.
Thanks to the relationship with our customers and this behavior we can get information from various sources, the most important being:

  • As our costumer, we have: bills, support, contracted services, products purchased.
  • From going to directly to the person: telephone, visits, by post.
  • Derived from the trails for surfing from the emails we’ve been sending.
  • From the visits to our website, anonymously or named.
  • From the visits to the social networks and contacts where we have a presence.

So, we need to have tools that allow us to collate all this information.  Giving value to the more relevant information, giving importance which has more possibilities of becoming business opportunities is the key to success in identifying opportunities.

Every automated or manual effort, be it in the form of the tools and data involved in the process of demand generation and opportunities detection, either in planning or implementing, which uses the Internet as a tool is called Digital Marketing.

This network of information and tools (of different types, manufacturers and backgrounds), makes no sense if they are not coordinated to work for the same objectives and strategies, i.e. the company's own.
It is therefore necessary to have a framework with access to the tools in the world of Digital Marketing. A successful example is the work methodology CELAR orchestrated under five basic principles:

  • Content Marketing: content-based, for people looking for added value in our proposals; we deliver this value as content which can be in several formats: PowerPoint presentations, documents, blogs, videos and successful case studies.
  • Engines: Potential customer attractor engines and/or traffic; some much used engines for Internet research, such as Google or Bing and others which may be the company’s own such as email campaigns or social networks.
  • Lead Management: Effective management of leads (potentially interested customers) so that the working method used to manage leads works efficiently, which increases our chances significantly.
  • Automation: tools which allow communication with our customers and prospective customers, to be managed automatically with a minimum of human intervention, to reduce the costs of customer acquisition and to increase the speed response to the best leads.
  • ROI: Measuring ROI and KPIs is key to the marketing process and results. Though a periodic and inflexible process of improvement, studying the ratios, processes and activities and making appropriate adjustments to improve them.

We must not confuse the methodology, which is what allows us to dispose of the company strategy by means of Digital Media, with the tools that we all them have in mind and are the key to success such as the websites, marketing email and search engines.

To be successful in Digital Marketing, the first things you have to definite are the goals to be achieved and then set the strategy to follow, incorporating the necessary tools and choosing the working methodology to coordinate the whole process. Then develop or use the right tools: website, email engine, social networking, etc.

As you can appreciate the relation between the Cloud and Digital Marketing is very close, in fact the connection is so close that most of the tools used are based on the same paradigm as the Cloud.
It is highly recommended, we could say almost essential if we are to have opportunities for success, that before using the tools or mode without connection to the servers, we plan the use of digital marketing completely as one.

Suppliers’ websites are the major places to undertake research. The research begins via a search engine or by trusted prescribers such as unions, professional associations, analysts and consultants. They often start right away when a provider sends us information we consider to be of our interest, usually by email.

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