“The important thing is not what you know but what you do with what you know and... that is what we do"

We are a Spanish business consulting firm working internationally. Our aim is to promote the growth and success of your business. We develop and implement methods, processes and high performance models for all types of companies around the world.

Over 20 years experience providing support and our ability to work with new market trends has resulted in a worldwide business methodology which is present today in over 3,000 companies.

We offer a 360º range of knowledge provided through tools and actions to promote our customers’ business.

Our longest and most proven experience is in ICT, helping the sector manufacturers, wholesalers, integrators, public entities and associations. The first methodology specializing in this sector was developed by our consultants in the year 2000 for the multinational company Navision.

We went on to build our affirmative methodology with a more open approach. It was acquired by the Microsoft Corporation in 2009 and on the basis of this methodology, the Dynamics Partner Academy was conceived. Currently we work with new models to support the ICT sector in business adoption which has been instigated by the Cloud environment.

We are there to accompany you on your journey to achieve your established aims and desired results.

afirma people​ are adaptable, knowledgeable, expert, creative, inquisitive, perspicacious, restless, constant, proactive and conscious of evolution in the markets.